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Car sales up -


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You pay so much a month for 4 years and at the end of the period you have the choice of returning the car to the dealer, paying the balance owed in full and so buying the car outright or part exchanging for a new car on a similar deal. These deals typically include free servicing and breakdown cover for the lease period, and often insurance deals.

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Anyone who has visited a car auction will have been struck by the rows of gleaming recent cars, all repossessed.

Miss two payments to some of our household name friendly lenders and your nice new motor is gone off your front, end of.

They tend to play that down when you're signing on the dotted line for them...

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A fair contribution actually, and not the cheap stuff.

BMW is a proud partner of the Motability scheme, they bang out brand new Series 1 Beemers by the hundreds.


I thought Range Rovers and top of the range Jaguars and BMW's all came with a free disability badge.... the spaces are always full of them anyway!! :)

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