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Black Friday... madness


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All I want to do is look on Tesco website to see if their ink cartridges for my printer are still cheaper there.  Seems the whole world must have gone into Black Friday mode though as you just can't get on their website at all.

This has been my other browser window for over well over an hour now and it just continually counts down from 30 seconds then does it over and over again.  God knows what it must be like in the actual shop so I think I'll just stay away and do without my ink until tomorrow.


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I have no idea what their prices are at the moment Wolfie as it's now 1.26pm and the count down timer is still running and saying 'sorry for making you wait'........ so that's almost 3 hours now non stop and I'm just going to leave the browser window open to see if it ever does connect  :lol: 

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Can you read my answer again and this time don't think 'sensible question' more stupid as in Black Friday......................... No, after reading it again even I don't understand it.  :roll:


PS there is 20% of at Cartridge discount today only, but it may be only for black ink because it's black Friday, which beggars the question - Are they cheap for coloured cartridges too? doh

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