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really easy quiz

Evil Sid

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only four questions to make you think a little bit.


how many days of the week begin with the letter T and what are they?


what month of the year have 29 days in a leap year and 28 the rest of the time?


when was the last year that christmas day and new years day fell in the same year?


how far into the forest can you walk?

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Ahhh I get Q3 now and I was convinced it had never happened and never ever would.....good grief am I really that stupid !! 

Surely Q4 depends on if there are any restrictions such as fences, ditches, electric wires or even guard dogs though.... some are private and even the ones that aren't could be hard to access.....

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answers then.


q1 four, Tuesday, Thursday, Today, Tomorrow


q2 Every month has 29 days in a leap year and 28 the rest of the time.


q3 2013 as has been pointed out we have not had christmas this year yet.


q4 halfway because once you get to halfway you are not walking INTO the forest yopu are walking OUT.


good catch out questions for a pub quiz.

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Just because you answered doesn't meant you are right Wolfie and that others cant keep guessing or giving their opinion  :lol:  :P 


PS... less of the f's please or you will get a slap from me and no you wont enjoy it 8)  :lol:

Sorry Diz, but Evils had already con_irmed that I had three out o_ the _our correct, and I congratulated Asp on getting number three right, so what is everyone else guessing _or? _our questions and _our correct answers so the quiz is _inished. Love wol_ie

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How about if I remove the 'f' from your username Wolie ... or I might even go two steps further and change it to Willie :lol::P

And Eagle... you might finish up being served up instead of a Turkey this year if you carry on being on his side.... oh and you have 2 f's that you missed 'laffing'.... was it too hard for you :P :wink:

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