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so much for twenty is plenty

Evil Sid

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Yes it was a bloke on a push bike beating a ferrari (or was it a Lamborghini) in a race.  Maybe youtube have taken it down due to other cyclists are trying to beat his record..... I think I saw a couple of them in Warrington today practicing :lol:  

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something that maybe the EU has got right for once. however why fit cameras surely a signal from a nearby transmitter could do the job just as well. a short range transmitter  with a repeater along the length odf the road would be musch simpler wouldn't it. given that cameras have difficulty recognising numbers and the like and also could be covered by the user to render them inoperative for speed limitation.

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seems one council is finally seeing sense at last.... spending hundreds of thousands of pounds sticking 4 signs at each junction; especially when the roads are about 20 yards long should have been challenged in court at the time it was proposed.... unfortunately the 20's plenty gang had the upper edge and with their scare-mongering tactics they bullied councils into believing it was in the public interest


The figures in Warrington showed that the benefits were minuscule 


Now that York may be thinking of removing some of the signs (citing the stupidity of some of the reasoning behind placing signs on short cul-de-sacs and the like, 20's plenty bring out the "legal" and scare-mongering brush again... quotes like: "It could become a subject for a judicial review. Given the heavy responsibility that would go with any increase in speed limit and endorsement of higher speeds, we do not see it as practical, desirable, legal or deliverable." trying to play on the ...ooh if someone gets hurt they may sue you angle again.... Good on you York Council.... I hope Warrington take note!

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