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Time for the L.J's?


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What is an LJ   Is it like a PJ only not quite as bad (I hope he's not reading) :lol:

Every year someone somewhere says we are in for the hottest, coldest or wettest season for a long time but it doesn't always happen.... just take each day as it comes and don't worry about it. 
People in other countries must laugh their heads off when they see our headlines and the way we can't cope over here.

PS when is it going to snow and is it worth me getting another sledge or wont it last that long :lol:

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If we're really in for the worst Winter in a century and Long Johns are going to be a necessity, I can only quote the advice of a hoary old truck driver from way back when.

Get the ones with a tail board on the back secured by two buttons, you can answer the call of nature without taking them off.

Glad to help...

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