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Queen's Gardens....


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Walked through there today for the first time in years & it seems to be nothing but a shadow of its own former glory. Plenty of freshly mown grass but few of the flowers it used to be renowned for & what has happened to the magnificent statue of the bloke (a king possibly ) on the horse. There is only one minor statue left now. Seems to be suffering from the same malaise as most of the town centre  except Golden Square.

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It was all "tarted up" to bring a bit of culture to warrington town centre and make the council look as though they cared about the place. Do remember a statue but can't recall who it was think it was some general or other ranked officer. no doubt somebody will put us both right and even put a picture up.


Ideal place for a bit of ad hoc skateboarding though all that nice flat paving.

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Lt Colonel McCarthy O’Leary

The Warrington Boer War Memorial is to be found in the Queen's Gardens, Palmyra Square, Warrington, Cheshire. It commemorates the men from the South Lancashire Regiment who gave their lives during the South African (Boer) War 1899-1902. It covers men from the 1st, 3rd and Volunteer Battalions, South Lancashire Regiment, 170 names in all. The memorial depicts Lieutenant-Colonel McArthur O'Leary who died while leading his men in the final charge on Pieters Hill; he is shown carrying field glasses and rifle, the statue being mounted on a rough hewn pedestal. The memorial was unveiled on 21st February 1907 by General Sir Redvers Buller; the memorial was sculpted by Sir Edward Alfred Brisco Drury.


Boer War - Detailed information
Compiled and copyright © Martn Edwards 2007
transcription Jeff Hannan 2010


These photos are dated 25/09/2014, so i assume they are of the replacement of the statue.







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Isn't that the same one that was unveiled in 1907 Algy or do you mean it was replaced it at some stage in the past with one exactly the same?

Here it is being unveiled in 1907 for others, you will of course have already seen it Algy as it's one of yours :wink:  


zoom and crop of the statue


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Going back your mention of a statue of a horse with someone on Davy I vaguely remember that from when I was young but when I've asked people in the past the past they just used to say I was getting confused wit the one that's still there and must have imagined a horse.  I can't be if you remember it too.

I've googled and looked through pics etc but I can't find anything about it anywhere. It will really bug me now.....

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That got your attention din'it,! its getting too slack on here!. :wink::D

There used to be a bit of a leg pull some years ago asking whether O'leary's horse was standing on three legs or rearing up on two and if the person being questioned answered one or 'tother they were told "got you, he's not on a horse", and as long as I' have been around he has always stood there holding his rifle.

The site I found those photos on was this and if you type Warrington in the search bar it will show what the out of town chap thinks about the place.


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