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The Zombies in today’s society


With the popularity of the undead in recent years it is time that the image of the Zombie was addressed. Vampires, Werewolves and even Demons have been shown in a good light despite their past bad showing. However in recent years not only have they been tolerated more but they are now accepted as part of society and in some cases useful members of society.


Zombies, on the other hand have always been portrayed as lumbering, groaning hulks with bits dropping off and the tendency to want to eat human brains. But is this really the case, most Zombies are just people who have passed away but then found that the only place left for them to go was back into their own bodies. Not having to breathe, eat or sleep means that they could be very valuable members of today’s society.


Think of how useful they could be in say crash testing. as long as the head is not damaged then teh zombie could tell you what parameters to change for the next test to make the product safer.


Another line of work could be farming. Having good night vision they could work through the night without the need for costly lights or stopping for a tea break, the occasional time out to sew the odd bit back on would be needed, but they could put in a 24 hour day thus increasing a farms productivity and profit. More so as they would need little in the way of money apart fro a needle and thread allowance to effect the running repairs.


Again warehouse work and order picking could be useful employment for them. Being strong creature they would be able to lift crates that would otherwise require a forklift and zombies rarely get bored so rote jobs on these lines would be ideal.


All in all zombies could be very easily integrated into modern society filling many roles and increasing leisure time for the less vitaly challenged.


So support  your local zombie, you never know you too could be one someday.

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