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Favourite period


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I would love to have lived in the 1700 era, i love the dresses and male chivalry. You would need to come from a rich family though and live on a big estate and be courted by Colin Firth.

so on second thoughts i would have been a washer woman or working girl(if you know what i mean) with my bank balance.


I would like the NHS to be there though because they had some horrid illnesses.

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I love the Civil War period, albeit prior to the plague and fire.

Roundheads; Cavaliers; Long parliament; the rump; and all the intrigue. King Charles asking for an extra coat so he didn,t tremble at his public execution on that cold january day. Even the local, mainly Winwick, history of that time.


And also a little bit earlier - James the first "the wisest fool in christendom"; the gunpowder plot etc.


(If I had to live then there would be a proviso "knowing what I know now"}


Happy days

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Well, judging by my comment on Chester and York there is something of interest in all eras. I would pick the 1st century AD for the church history (minus the persecution! :D


The Regency period for the cute ladies in their Grecian dresses and their Bo-Peep bonnets. I'm looking a lot at that period at the moment.


The 1960s as they are closer to me popping on the scene, because I just missed out on them. And to record on video all the missing Doctor Who episodes from the Hartnell and Troughton eras!


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TMM and I could go back in time, learn some music and do some rock (TMM in the frilly shirts) to annoy the honourable Lady Catherine De Bourgh. :D Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds at a dinner evening! The culture clash would be hysterical!


The earlier part of the Empire/Regency period the girls were a little sexier and more exotic, already wearing the bonnets and Grecian dresses, but not the pseudo-Greek pre-Victorian hairstyles as yet, but rather the more outrageous corkscrew-styled longer hair, a hangover from the 1780s, well, PHWOARRRRRRR!!! I watched the much-maligned 1987 BBC production of Northanger Abbey recently (the BBC opted to set the adaptation in the time when Jane Austen first wrote the novel rather than when it was published), and the two blondies in it (the characters Isabella and Eleanor) haunted me so much that I had a seriously sleepless night after watching it as a consequence, as well as Katherine Schlesinger's big mad beautiful eyes. (Those eyes also made me laugh! :D ) The Bo-Peep bonnets joke was meant. :D

As a teenager Jane Austen made fun of the sensibility movement, when teenage girls in the 1780s and 1790s used to cry when meeting each other for the first time and every subsequent time, screaming at reading Gothic novels and fainting on the sofa a lot. The 20-something ladies could swoon into my arms anytime! :D


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Nothing dirty about it. Mind you, another hilarious culture clash would be to perform as a time traveller in those days A Day In The Life. Apart from the bemusement over lines like "He blew his mind out in a car, he didn't realise that the lights had changed", and the two infamous orchestral crescendoes, there is the small matter of "I'd love to turn you on..." :roll:

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