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If the boot was on the other foot....


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If my home was burgled, my family or my life threatened by an intruder ,in the eyes of the law i would be allowed to use reasonable force in retaliation ....reasonable force only....if i was to pick up a knife & stab an intruder who died as a result of my actions  i would be charged  with manslaughter or even murder.


Imagine killing a perfectly innocent caller to you home with what may be called an offensive weapon.


However,the couple who owned the dogs that savaged Jade Anderson to death in Atherton earlier this year have been given a very light sentence with regard to their treatment of the dogs in their care ....they have not even been prosecuted for the death of Jade. That failure to act against the growing problem of dangerous dogs is disgusting & is a blight on our legal system !

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The problem is that the dangerous dogs act only covers dangerous dogs in public and not in private. As a result had the dogs attacked the girl in the street or had run into a garden and attacked then the owner would have been up for a manslaughter charge at least. because it was in her own house then all they could do her for was cruelty to the dogs.


Believe they are at present looking to change the dangerous dogs act to cover private as well as public area attacks.

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My dog is properly trained and treated with respect but he is unsafe. doesn't bite or anything like that just tends to lie in places where he constitutes a trip hazard. Even more so as he has a tendency to suddenly get up just as you are about to step over him. Still at fifteen years old he has to have some fun i suppose.

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