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Better swim in your 'jockstrap' lads!.


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Testicle-eating fish, the Pacu, found in Paris with fears it could be coming to the UK


It is a fish that could give the great white shark competition as the most terror-inspiring creature of the deep. With the appearance of the piranha, but with teeth that look uncannily human, the pacu usually dines on a feast of insects, decaying plants and fruit that falls into the waters of the Amazon. But it has become more known for reportedly dining on another food: men's testicles. 

As though destined to fulfil the script of a spoof horror flick, the pacu is now on the move, and has now been found as far from its South American home as Paris. Could it be making its way to the UK?

The small fish was found in European waters for the first time in August with experts warning men to keep their trunks on if swimming in the Øresund channel between Denmark and Sweden.

Now the pacu has been found in the River Seine, The Paris Prefecture of Police newsletter revealed on Tuesday. Although officers were skeptical of the tropical catch, its human-like teeth marked the species as the feared ‘testicle eating’ pacu.

Fish expert Henrik Carl told the Local earlier in August: “The pacu is not normally dangerous to people but it has quite a serious bite. There have been incidents in other countries, such as Papua New Guinea where some men have had their testicles bitten off.

"They bite because they’re hungry, and testicles sit nicely in their mouth."

 The pacu, a relative of the piranha that is commonly found around the Amazon, can grow to up to 90cm and weigh in at a staggering 25kg. Fishermen in South America attacked by the pacu have reportedly bled to death after losing their testicles in the fish's vicious teeth.

The fish are found in most rivers in the Amazon and Orinoco basins in South America and have also been spotted in Papua New Guinea, where they are believed to have been introduced in order to boost fish stocks.





Pacu Teeth


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.....btw Diz, How's Goldie?!


Seems to have a new lease of life Obs. imagine  kid high on 'e' numbers or on xmas eve :lol:  Definitely nothing wrong with him now and all the advice and perseverance paid off....but the minute he starts to grow human like teeth he's in the local canal or ackers pit regardless of what anyone says... or down my other half's undies if he get's on my nerves again   :lol:  


That Pacu fish (which TraceyB also posted on another topic a few days ago) is just so creepy and evil looking but it seems that we are seeing more and more species naturally venturing away from their usual climates and areas into newer waters these days and I suppose that it doesn't help that people can buy all sorts of more exotic creatures online or in local shops as 'pets' then people just release them into nearby open waters or land when they realise what they have actually bought. 


Evolution and adaptation... and all that.... eek :lol:

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