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Druids in Warrington


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The Man in Black is not really a technophobe. I have just received an email from him!

But seriously, about this post, there was a "chapter" of the Ancient Order of the Druids in Warrington (don't know if "chapter" is the right word, makes them seem like Hells Angels) until about 1960 something, maybe later.

Does no one out there have any further information about that? (Otherwise I must presume that my Granddad was Founder, Controller, Grand Master and Undertaker all on his own, God rest his sole)...

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This is true but if you walk behind one they forget they can fly and try to out run you. And they have terrible popcorn feet. 

We must have the only intelligent pigeon in our area, he/she has worked out that if it flies up and hits the swinging seed bird feeder with it's feet it dislodges seed that falls to the ground which it proceeds to feed on, the others have watched it but don't attempt to copy it, now which pigeon is the intelligent bird, the one that waits  patiently for the seed to fall or the bird that has figured out how to dislodge the seed thus providing free grub for the others?. :unsure:

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Thanks Nick for, at least taking my enquiry seriously, and apologies to Cleopatra if I have upset you (didn't mean to).

All I really wanted to know was ..........Does anyone out there know anything about the activities of the Lodge of the Ancient Order of Druids in Warrington?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Judging by the number of shrines that keep cropping up - some kind of religious sect appears to be active !


We certainly hold on to some pagan practices and beliefs - touching wood etc. Also, the placing of grave goods for the afterlife , even  burying toys etc. with the body of dead dogs.


The concept of "bad language" where one set of syllables is worse than another set of syllables describing the same object, action etc. may be a throw back to the idea that a certain word or sentence had magical powers.



The idea of patron saints for various locations, professions etc. can be seen as a throwback to a polytheistic tradition.



Druids may have had sacred groves - we have sacred buildings, where  the omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent  God  is somehow seen as more present , more aware of you and more powerful.

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