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Failed City of Culture bid

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I see that the land on which the Cabinet Works stands is now due to be used to build flats. So, all back to normal then for Warrington. Maybe the council could take a picture of some kids in 'cultcha' t shirts in front of them once they're built. 

I would say the press release from the council that accompanies the announcement is a masterpiece of obfuscation, but it's really just a blatant example of how the council will proceed from now on. It's going to keep on building its flats, 'executive homes', business parks and out of town retail strips, but now they'll claim that they'll be built with regard to the town's heritage. And because the council equates talk with action, they'll genuinely believe it on some level.   

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1 hour ago, Milky said:

so the cabinet works is due to be knocked down?

Looks that way. The council has issued a waffling statement saying the flats will respect the surroundings and 'heritage' of the area, but beyond limiting their height and materials, it's hard to see what that means. Just talk, as usual. I believe demolition was seen as inevitable even before this however. I don't know how much of the land and buildings are involved. It's just a shame it's come to this.  

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