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  1. that's a no to actual action again then I take it, and I was so looking forward to meeting you lol and if you consider that abuse you must have the skin of a particularly poor rice pudding.
  2. reverting to type, when you do that, is it a subtle threat of violence? We could always meet up for a face to face chit chat if its important to you? but then you would probably be too busy to act in the real world as per lol
  3. you would think that if you had banged on and on to the point of tedium about this subject and Dan Price in particular you would have the balls or gumption to at least bother your lazy backside and attend this meeting. I know if something moved me so deeply that I made it my crusade on a local forum I would at least have the cojones to face the object of my ire and confront them face to face. Mind you that would involve actually doing something and the removal of the cloak of anonymity so maybe best stick to the keyboard No names mentioned to avoid the accusation of personal abuse .
  4. you never said I'd do anything, you asked what I would do so a bit wrong there grey_man
  5. I am merely a keen amateur Dizzy but can bump and grind with the best of them How do you know you wouldn't make a good lap dancer anyway? Have you tried lol? Personally I feel its the desperate individual paying for the dance who lacks self respect
  6. but you told everyone that the old bloke who crashed his car was ok in your original post so no need to enquire.
  7. A trait you are familiar with on a personal level then?
  8. yup, going to keep you pecking for weeks lol.
  9. Have a guess, answers on the back of a post card which should rule out your usual long windedness, grandiloquence, turgidity, pontifical ranting and claptrap, unless you write really really really small that is, lol. p.s. I was going to say sesquipedalian but it sounded pretentious so you can have it.
  10. Ah! you mean Britain First, why didn't you say? I suppose that you not condoning violence for a very select few is a big step for you, bravo.
  11. I wonder how long I can keep you coming back?
  12. a great many times, but tell you what, as you seem to spend your life on here you must have spare time enough to look back through you past posts and find all your references to killing, bombing,shooting, drowning etc.
  13. you have condoned violence on here lots of times.
  14. one of your lot that shot her, and as for her husband, what has that to do with anything? Stopping meetings ( there was a small scuffle no violence) and murder hmm so similar. The racist scum you side with are responsible for a huge increase in violent religious and homophobic attacks since Brexit including murder, the pinko liberals have shouted at a divisive politician, get a grip.
  15. Dizzy, I think Milky has a little extra curricular activity in mind for you, could be a nice little earner
  16. thats just so ridiculous it's actually made me laugh despite the horrid nature of the subject. First of all when you re spouted Trumps crap conflation the FBI employs 35000 people so obviously can only do one job at a time . Secondly, your answer to stopping guns being used in schools is to put more guns in schools, great logic there Shirlock, and thirdly yes, no one will attack a police officer with a gun, well except the 1500 plus US police officers shot dead in the last 10 years. Comparatively in the UK, where police aren't routinely armed and we have far more sensible gun laws the number of police officers killed is 250 but that is in the last 70 or so years. it's not rocket science
  17. Ah I see, a bit of jostling and arguing, now I get it. All the time I was thinking it was the far right who had a virtual monopoly when it came to political violence. I bet Jo Cox wished that the far right had simply shouted at her.
  18. so you were wrong then, a great many would have to reach the main roads to clog them up, ergo your statement was BS. It's easy enough , even a dope could see that. I imagine I drive a lot more miles a year than you do Observer, Sainsbury's and back once a week will really rack up the miles.
  19. was that the thing where a Ress Mogg supporter pushed a girl in the face and a small scuffle ensued weeks ago? Funny how that got exaggerated and reported. Stay vile Observer, intolerance suits you.
  20. there was a claim that gender reassignment surgery, rare as it is , was causing an overload of the NHS, it does add a minuscule percentage to NHS operations but a drop in the ocean compared to the impact smokers and alcoholics have on the service. Perhaps a little perspective and tolerance is called for but those commodities are as rare as rocking horse sh1t on here.
  21. so if you live on a main road and you set off at the same time as everyone else in the country, will you get to a main road? Only a numpty can fail to see this.
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