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I just looked at your account settings and nowt in there that would make you different from anyone else.


Does it happen when you use the quick reply/short editor AND the full editor (under more reply options) and is that all the error message says ? 


Very strange and I'll keep digging... in the mean time make sure you don't post anything you may later regret ha ha :wink:


Message to anyone else reading..... IF YOU ARE USING A PC and IE 10 does it work ok for you, can you let me know please ?

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Can you try it now and see if it works ? 


I have changed your account settings for the forum skin (good job I typed that right :lol: ) you are using to be 'none/use community default' rather than 'IP.Board'. 


Let me know if it's made any difference asap please.  I'm not sure it will though as mines set to IP.Board like yours was and it works ok for me but then again I'm using IE 7 and XP   :oops:


If that doesn't make any difference I have been given some other things to try .... you might not like one of them though :lol:

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Sergei .....   :lol:  :lol:


No it's far worse that that Baz as it means me logging into YOUR account from here as if I'm you... think of the fun I could have if you allowed me to do it ha ha.




Ahhh.... by your reply do that mean you CAN actually edit and change one of your existing posts IF you go to the 'more reply' option ?


Other suggestions that the Invision Comunity support forum bods have said to try are


* Have the member use a different browser temporarily
* Have them clear their cache (CTRL+F5) on the posting screen then try again to edit that post. The downside of this method is sometimes I find people are notorious for saying they have when they have not.
* Login as the member ...... to see if its a problem with their machine or not

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I can edit from the more reply option.


I have recently updated to IE 10


I never clear my cache because it screws up all of my saved passwords, quick type etc.


Blimey Baz it took you long enough to reply :lol:


Is it much of a problem if you have to edit by using  the 'more reply' option ?


I guess if you don't want to clear your cahche then there is no way of knowing if that might fix it for you.  :|


PS Saving passwords is just down right lazy and kills of memory brain cells..... and possibly not very secure depending on who has access to your pc :wink: 


I've never ever saved any usernames or passwords for fear of why my family might do for a laugh if they got access :lol:   

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Baz Buy a Mac


You sound just like my sister Lt.  She bought a laptop one a few months ago (kerching) and never shuts up about it now :lol:


She apparently even paid about £80+ extra to have lessons in how to use it all in the local Apple store near to where she lives.   

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I tried to edit a spelling error. Swinton -Swindon. When I posted it hadn't changed.


Then tried to delete the word and rewrite it, and it said there were not enough words. I ended up deleting the post and writing it correctly. Not a problem with one sentence.

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I have recently updated to IE 10

well there's your problem then. IE(insert number of choice) probably the most bug laden browser on the web if you read reviews on it. :mrgreen:


Think I have a version of internet explorer on my machine. in fact I must have used it at least once to download firefox. 8)

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