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Here's one for you men - or even none


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I'm going to have to go under the knife again to get the right one removed - there's risks in any surgery.


I'm going to have to wait for my second surgery - which increases the risk of the cancer spreading to something which can't easily be cut off.


I'm going to have to be on drug and hormone therapies for the rest of my life to make up for what is now completely missing when it needn't be.


Incompetence at the level of not knowing left from right should NEVER go unpunished in someone as highly paid as a surgeon - maybe it'll prevent them from making the same mistake with a patient who needs something more vital, like a leg or a kidney, removed.

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Inky, I apologies for my flippant and cruel remark, my reply was totally inappropriate, it has taught me not to skip over replies and ensure I read and understand the content of such, no excuses, but I replied to Cleo,s initial post and skipped over yours. I wish you all the very best and success with your operation.


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Algy. my dear, I dont think inky is having the operation in reality. He was just explaining why he would sue if he did and the surgeon removed the wrong one.

Fugtifino I only asked because I read of a report of such a cock-up happening recently. What came to my mind were the derisory comments which are becoming commonplace in recent times about people who sue for damages after something has gone wrong, such as, 'another one after some compensation'. Well of course they are and I wouldn't blame them. Such mistakes should be paid for, not suffered in silence.

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Cleo, I sincerely hope Inky is not having the op and on reflection my reply was flippant and inapropiate as there may very well be males out there who are or have had the operation.

I don't think you need nip out to buy a cilice just yet Algy :wink:

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