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Bring back the Fox Hunt?


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:lol:  :lol:  :lol:


As for 4 legged foxes well if there wasn't so much development everywhere they wouldn't be wandering residentail streets taking left out food and the braver ones wouldn't sneak in through doors that are left open.


We have a little fox around here.  He/she used to walk the other side of the canal until they dug all the canal bank and vegetation up and started building houses there.  He/she sometimes walks down our road late at night but looks very thin these days :cry:

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The blame lies with humans, as Dizz said people leaving food out for the foxes, easy pickings in the suberbs with food waste being strewn about, regarding a fox attacking a baby, it's cries are not dissimular from that of an injured rabbit and attract the fox who hasn't a clue as to what a baby is, it just sees the crying wriggling infant as a food source. and to conclude my thoughts on fox hunting, no I don't believe that fox hunting should be re-introduced, yes culling the fox population should take place in as humane a way as possible. The fox is top of the food chain in it's environment and has no natural predator, in the past a reduction of the rabbit population resulted in less natural food for the fox and resulted in a natural decline in their numbers, now the fox has learned that scavaging in populated areas makes for easy pickings with less energy expenditure and if left alone to breed will only see an increase in the attacks on small children and domestic pets.

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