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The next generation of gurners ?


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Why would anyone give their baby a lemon to eat?


The Egyptians love lemons and will eat them with every meal. The greener the better. I always refuse lemon. Never have liked them and never will.


Why.... because it's funny :oops:  :lol:  :lol:


I used to eat lemons like oranges at least a couple of times a week for a long time when I was in my early teens. 


We used to be naughty and not buy our dinner tickets with the money we had been given and used to walk to the local village. 


I often bought a lemon from the little green grocers and a brandy snap filled with fresh cream from the cake shop.... I hated fresh cream but the yummy brandy snaps came  that way but you could push it out with your finger if it had been rolled neatly or if that failed you coud blow it out using enough force...... great for shooting your mates with :oops:  :lol:


I only stopped eating lemons like that when someone said it would rot the enamel off my teeth.... I wonder if it would have ?  

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Blimey... I wonder how I got away with it for so long without any damage or sensitivity :unsure:


Saying that my feet are often more sensitive to the the cold (and heat) so maybe I am a  'scientific wonder' and it affected the wrong part of my body :lol:

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