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Is this hairy job for you ? DirectGov


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We often look at the official DirectGov Job search in the hope that our son can finally find a much needed job.


Sadly he can't apply for this one as he's not hairy enough but maybe you know someone who is . 


How do you count the number of hairs on your face by the way ? :lol:


Might be suitable for you though Wolfie and you get to travel too  



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Well as they are not asking for O or A levels I qualify. As for the circus skills, before my father died he worked in a circus as a stilt walker...


I used to look up to him...

Very tempting Wolfie but out of respect for both you and your father I will not sucumb to temptation. If your are being flippant, 'Bloody Hell' I missed my chance. :wink::D :D

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You'd better be quick Sads as it seems thay are on at the Pyramid/Parr Hall on the 26th January.  OK so I missed the front page news story earlier today but that didn't mention the job opportunity so I'm sure Gary will forgive me :oops:    :lol:


Apparently they were one Britains Got Talent last year too after I just googled them.  Strange   :wacko:


£300 pound a week is blummin' good though just for being over hairy and I wonder of any local job centre neanderthals have applied. 


How much do hair transplants cost by the way and is the effect immediate ?  Might be cost  effective. 


As a cheaper alternative I might might cut my hair a little shorter shorter tonight and implant each strand one by one into my sons face with a cocktail stick while he is sleeping   :lol:  


Want a job son? ... well there you go you just got one... now get those juggling balls out and show them what you can do.... but don't move to quickly or stand on a draught  :lol:  

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Drat. after an exhaustive check in the mirror this morning I have found out that I don't qualify. SIX hairs short of the target. :cry:  :cry:


Reminds me of an insult my uncle often used. question "how many hairs on a pigs face" my reply "don't know" his reply "next time you look in a mirror count em"

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