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Electrician for shower wanted

Geoffrey Settle

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Is it the shower itself which has died, or the circuit running to it?


Most domestic electricians only do the power circuits within your house and don't have the skills or access to spares to do repair of appliances.


If it is the shower itself then I think you might struggle to find someone to fix it economically at all, spare parts can be expensive and difficult to get hold of for these sort of things. It's usually easier and cheaper to just replace the whole unit - which is something you can very easily do yourself. There's no need to get it signed off by a qualified sparky provided that the new unit is the same or lower kW rating.

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Thanks Inky - it seems to be the thermostat or what ever switches on the heater. It has a single and a double light (for hot water) the double light that dosen't go on - so it is internal.


It's ok Cloe we can still take a bath or wash in the sink using a flanel - my wife would soon tell me if I stank :mrgreen:

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I was trying out the shower yesterday morning and it was still not working. I left it running cold for a while and decided to brush my teeth - as soon as the cold tap started to run in the sink the shower kicked into action :mrgreen: - this seems to work all the time so it could simply be pressure related.

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