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Jerry Anderson

Lt Kije

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:oops:  :oops: I had to google who he was... ooh I feel really bad now. 


I used to like Thunderbirds ..... it was odd but I liked it although I did spend a lot of time spotting the string and hoping to spot other things that hadn't gone to plan. 


I remember Blue Peter showing how to make 'Tracey Island'.  It was really good and was all made from junk such as tissue boxes, margarine pots, silver foil, toilet rolls and I can't remember what else.  We never actually made it though as I think most bits got thrown away before we managed to collect them all and the urge went.


RIP Mr Thunderbirds Man  

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 Gerry Anderson


It's ok Wolfie ... google finds him either way.


I was polite enough not to mention the little speling mistake or possible typo by Lt in a topic post that he started to convey sympathy, respect and a RIP to a now deceased person :|

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:oops:  Erm no I meant 'Eagle' :oops:  :lol:  


Come on give me a bit of slack will you as I just fell asleep cos I'm so sleepy and I only woke up cos my son was shaking bells near me. 


He frightened the life out of me cos I though he was Santa.  OK so I should have know better as Santa doesn't come on boxing day and I'm 40+ years old so should know better anyway but it still scared me ........ 


RIP again Mr Thunderbirds

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