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Seems the plot thickens over the Tory Ex-Chief Whip, who was alleged to have called the coppers "plebs". It appears the CCTV coverage doesn't quite correspond to the police claims at the time, and an e-mail from a "witness" that now appears not to have been there to witness anything. So, a police conspiracy to bring down a member of the Government? Surely not? :shock:

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Another storm in an eggcup. So who really cares that he "allegedly" called a copper a pleb. Big whoop, most police would just laugh it off as they have undoubtedly been called a lot worse in the course of a normal day. Just another slow news day item.At least the reports of Elvis in the Sunday sport were tongue in cheek. (believe he was seen collecting trolleys in asda westbrook last week) :mrgreen:


As you can probably tell cleo I am in a state of bemusement. :rolleyes::P

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