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The Power Of Words.


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Well it certainly made me think after watching it.


My first thought was If he was blind how did he write the sign?


My second thought was that if he did not write the sign and it was written by somebody else, How did he know what was written on it ?


And my final thought, when she handed him the sign back how did he know that he had put it the right way round so that her message was showing and not the original. (actually she was the one who put the sign back but it was a thought that did cross my mind however fleetingly)


I know it was an advert but then I am the sort of person who when he hears a claim that "Nothing cleans better than our product" will use nothing because as they have stated nothing cleans better. :twisted:


On a similar path. If there are several bleaches that claim to kill 99.9% of all household germs working on the principal that the odd 0.1% may be killed by one of the other bleaches should you use more than one bleach when cleaning to ensure killing 100%.

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