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Return of the Rock God Part II


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Did Gary play the tame tune for you in the end Cleo?


I only tuned in at 9.30am so missed most of the show again. Sorry Gary but what I did hear was really good and '666 the number of the beast' always reminds me of my nephew :unsure:


The 'Rock God' has a very chilled and relaxing radio voice by the way :wink::lol:

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Blimey look what you have done now Gary..... :shock:


If you and Cleo hadn't talked about it last week on the other topic and Cleo hadn't then mentioned that your show would be listened to over there word wouldn't have spread so far and all those other Egytians wouldn't have tried to tune in too today.....which is what probably overloaded their electrical supply and caused the power cut :lol:

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OK so I've got them playing again but I had to go to the page where you choose how to listen... I clicked 'Media Player' as I'm on a PC and it works.  If I come out and go back in I have to do the same again rather than just clicking on the big red 'listen live' button like I've always done.

See if that works for you Flatlander.  Here's the link to the page


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When you clicked the link did your scroll down a bit to where there are 3 other 'listen live' buttons under 3 different option ways ie winamp, smart device and media player.  I had to click on one of those instead.

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