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I might be driving to your place of work later and giving you a slap Gary. My brain is starting to hurt now :lol::P


I know what's NOT working :P I did this topic to see if your other stats and counts were working or whether it was a global stats problem... which clearly is ISN'T :wink:


So off I'll plod again now on my long search for an answer whilst not doing the work I'm actually supposed to be doing for the second day in row that I forgot about :unsure::shock: I'm going to get hung drawn and quartered by my other half and my brother but hey that will make a good topic for you all to chat about. :lol:

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Earth calling Gary.... are you still alive or are you not receiving (or ignoring :lol: ) my PM messages :unsure::shock:


PS Incase you aren't getting them I just manually validated my new test 'self' if you were wondering how it happened. :oops:


You have two others to do yourself :wink:

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No this is still the old me Lt and the one you are all stuck with I'm afraid :lol:


If you look at the main forum board page you will see my other 'self' (called DizzyTest) showing as the newest member.


I did try and talk 'DizzyTest' into actually posting and joining in but she said having looked on the forum you are all too sarky and the topics are really confusing to follow (oh and you all scare her) so she bottled out.


Shame really as I could have had some really good and interesting converstaions with her :lol::P

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