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1856-Suicide plus Drowning


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Very interesting snippet of hitorical news. Maybe a report by the WW (The other WW that is) because some details are missing. I mean, who was Taylor? Why did the jury all stand up? Were they instructed to by the coroner? Was Taylor one of those jurors? And is Taylor one of my ancestors? All very mysterious. :huh::unsure:

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Another interesting one Algy.


Have you got a subscription for looking at old newspspers or are they free where you look? All the sites I've tried want ££'s

Free site Dizz, but don't get excited as it's a very limited content to search, I think I have trawled everything on the Warrington area,but give it a go anyway, hopefully you may find more.




Tip, Clk advanced search box in the column left of page it enables you to search all their papers at one go.

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