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Now the EU want even more of our money....


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Euro MPs have backed plans for a massive 6.8% increase in European Union spending next year.


Bulgarian MEP Ivailo Kalfin, the Socialist Group negotiator on the budget, insisted increases were the right step.


He said: "The EU budget is different from national budgets. The EU budget is an investment tool to support long-term development and strategic European co-operation.


"In fact, 94% of the EU budget is invested in the member states to create a European added value or in making sure the EU speaks with one voice on the world stage.


What he actually meant was: We in Bulgaria and all the other Eastern European hangers on states want Britain to pay for our roads (while yours crumble) to pay for our schools (while yours are all falling apart) and pay for our hospitals (while you have to privatise and close yours)


Now I really believe that the demands for a referendum to get us out of this money grabbing bloody boys club will escalate to the point where we have to get a vote.... please god it happens soon then we can spend OUR money on OUR debts left by Liebour and help our own people back to prosperity instead of helping a bunch of bloody foreigners :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

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Just the idea that they would propose such a massive increase shows just how untouchable they think they are Kije.... They may not get 6.8% but you can bet your house on the outcome being more than 0.0% and a lot more than inflation and more than any pay rise you or I can expect this year :evil: :evil:

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We will see Baz, you did the same hype last year, might be an idea to change your paper :wink:


and they got a 2% rise in their budget which was a lot more than most countries economies grew or a lot more than pay rises... you really need to take a long hard look at what you stick up for Kije, because from where I'm standing, the only beneficiaries appear to be the poor Eastern European countries who stand in line with their hands out waiting for the handouts to come round every month

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In the case of Greece, it would stop them going under, don't forget our banks in their infinite wisdom are up to their necks in Greese :wink:


I would say they are up to their necks in s**t but that's another tale.... Our banks were heavilly in to the Icelandic banks but they went bust. I hardly think that letting Greece go bump will cause too much of a long lasting issue here.....


Surely there is only so much feta cheese to invest in anyway, plus if half of the population are unemployed, surely it is up to their millionaires to cough up rather some pensioner in Grimsby having to suffer?

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apparently the UK banks exposure to Greek banks amounts to about 2.2 billion euros... so in proper money about 1.6 billion pounds. made up primarily of RBS, HSBC and Barclays ......Hardly a world changing amount Kije; especially seeing as we give away about 40 times that every year to the EU....


time to pull out!!

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