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I'm sure the matter would have been raised by one or more of the girls concerned first and, IF the allegations be true, they should still have let sleeping dogs lie? Would you had it been one of yours, eh what?

I'm pretty sure that no-one in the media would have woke up one day and thought, 'Hummm... Jimmy Saville is dead. I'm going to dig and delve and hunt around for any information that would prove he was a perverted paedophile'.

He never married but dressed so camp they would be more likely to think let's find some evidence that he was gay and had sexual affairs with other men. :roll:

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The girls involved have a right to be heard and believed so they can draw a line under it and move on with their lives. It appears that many people associated with the BBC knew something was going on at the time but did nothing, wanting to protect Mr Savile's 'reputation'. It has been confirmed that these girls were not connected but told the same or similar stories. Even those meant to be in charge of the victims at the approved school chose to keep it quiet because they feared losing the charity money. It really doesn't matter if the perpetrator is now dead, it is the abused who deserve to be heard now.


The cover-up at the time was wrong and similar cover-ups are still wrong. You only have to look at the the recent Rochdale cases where the victims were not believed and far too many people turned a blind eye to child abuse, preferring to blame the victims for 'lifestyle' choice. This should not happen and the common belief is that the same is going on in many more of our towns and cities.


As I remember it, if a child reports abuse of any description, they must be believed and the incident reported to the relevant official who should investigate the facts. Children are being let down by adults who are too politically correct and can't use their common sense. Where a child under 16 is involved, surely a criminal offence has been committed and should be investigated as such.

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Cannot but agree with you entirely lady and any who say let sleeping dogs lie because the man is dead should hang their heads in shame.

Catholic or none catholic, faith or no faith, it really doesn't matter. It shouldn't happen.

I would ask that nobody make light of this subject because those girls would have suffered terribly, mentally and/or physically, and possibly still suffering. The people who knew it was happening should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for covering it up and must be brought to justice for allowing it to continue.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

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IF there were "victims", it should have been reported at the time of the alleged offence - one alleged incident was reported, but the Police investigation appears to have been inconclusive - maybe he fixed it?! :roll:


If there were "victims" it should have been reported at the time, you say, then go on to say one alleged incident WAS reported. Then you make a whimsical remark like it was no great deal. Hummm.

These were children and as already reported were too afraid to tell anyone, and maybe too embarrassed, as is often the case with an abused child, and possibly thinking who would take their word against a well known, popular celebrity?. The fact that they did not report it does not mean it didn't happen.

Ok, consider this if just one child was abused by this man maybe people would doubt her, say she made it up, whatever. The fact is that several girls all unrelated and probably unknown to each other and living in different parts of the country all are making the same accusations. Not coincidence, I'm sure, so must be truth in what they claim.

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