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Bonkers !


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It's so bloody (intended) ridiculous! And I do wish they would stop using Health & Safety like it is a decree from the Health & Safety Dept., which it isn't and were I in the medical profession I would challenge the ruling. A report of one poor person out of how many thousands per day using the humble paper clips gets to give him/herself a little prick and they rush to ban the use of the them for health & safety reasons.

Just two words to describe them - STUPID BUGGERS! :angry:


They will be banning the use of hyperdermic needles next!

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Any body want to buy about 100 potentially dangerous implements. Have a full box of them on my shelf only ever use them for poking into those reset holes on various items.


Makes you wonder how they get away with using lancets in the surgical departments at that rate. unsure.gificon_rolleyes.gif

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A couple of our lads went to a site yesterday to check if some materials had been delivered. As they approached the site manager to ask him, he said "Risk assessment, method statement"....... our lad said...."have we had a delivery"?..... " "Risk assessment, method statement" said the site manager....... "but can you tell me if we have had a delivery"?..... "Risk assessment, method statement...or clear off"


needless to say there was no way he was going to ask the question!!!


Talk about a health and safety jobsworth!!

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