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What strange place do you post from?


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Okay, so I'm sat in the audience of the x-factor. I'm behind the judges and have 3 cameras that are shooting in my direction. I'm sat replying to posts on the forum. If you watch the X-factor and there is a person on their mobile, then that is me on the Warrington Worldwide Forum :)


My question is, if any of you post using your phones or other computers, what bizzare places do you check the forum from?

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oddest place I tried to checked the forum was from the bowling green hut at Alfford Hall. Was just trying to see if their wi fi extended to the hut sadly it did not but if I walked round the green toward the hall itself I managed to get a connection lost again halfway across the green so the oddest place for me was halfway across a bowling green.


Often wondered what people thought when they saw me wandering around the green with my laptop waving it about trying to get a connection. :shock:

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