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WARNING - Theives about !!


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There’s been a spate of mountain bike thefts particularly in South Warrington in the past week.


According to the police bikes have been taken from homes, schools and outside shops in Lymm, Stockton Heath, Grappenhall, Wilderspool (I can’t remember where else) during both the day and night.


Some homes have been targeted twice with the thieves hoping the bikes have been replaced.

People are being encouraged to get their bikes marked so if any bicycles found they can be returned to the owner.


Police are advising people to lock bikes up inside sheds or lock them to the floor or to something heavy, such as a lawn mower to make it more difficult for thieves if they try to take them.


That probably wont deter them though as the one stolen from our friends garage in Burnside Avenue last week sometime between Tuesday and Sunday was in a padlocked and secure garage (which they cut through) and the mountain bike was chained with a heavy duty chain to a large workbench and they cut through that chain too… and closed the garage on the way out.


They only took the mountain bike even though there was another bike in there and they didn’t take anything else at all.


They clearly know exactly what they are after ! :evil:

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And these two bikes were stolen from Centre Park off Chester Road at 3.45pm last Wednesday 27th June in broad daylight under a security camera.


If you recognise either of these people or have seen them hanging about phone the police on 101



(you might have to skip the advert if one shows... (theives appear at 37 seconds in)


The two bikes stolen are said to be a green and black Focus Black Raider 2011 Hardtail and a white GT with a rear mudguard.

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Were any of the stolen bikes white with "Police" stencilled on them - their CSOs don't seem particuarly security conscious when it come to their own bikes.


I don't understand this comment, why how many have they had stolen?

And what makes you think they are not security concious about their own bikes, how many people have the name of the company they work for written all over the bike, seems safe to me

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how many people have the name of the company they work for written all over the bike


Our butcher did when I was a kid!! and the postman.... and I had one with "Chopper" written down both sides:grin:

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To those of you intent on being silly on my serious 'warning' topic.... I hope you get your bikes nicked :P


I think all bikes should be nicked and weighed in for scrap..... keeps them off the bloomin roads and out of they way of road tax paying drivers....


Just saying like.... :D

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