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Road sense?


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Is road sense or rather common sense, a thing of the past? Driving down Long Lane last night to the new junction with Winwick Rd, slowing down for the lights and to turn left - and blow me, a cyclist appeared from the junction heading against the traffic. Thought it might be some hoodie Chav, but it was a young female; can't make my mind up whether it was a pole thinking she was back home, or she was p**d as a newt, or it was a care in the community patient OR all three. :angry: Later, pulled up behind a car at a junction, which was signalling to turn right and positioned to do so. Then the door openened and one of the passengers got out, didn't rush away, but came back to hug the driver. Flashed my headlights, then the hazard lights were turned on and then a bejeweled manicured hand appeared to wave me past (as some kind of after thought) - as I pulled past, I observed the car was full of females - again, p**d or just nutters? :angry: So is this ignoring of the rules of the road just another symptom of the "me,now" generation? :unsure:

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