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Round the Horne - Julian & Sandy


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Round the Horne - Julian & Sandy.


How many of you remember the comedy radio show "Round the Horne" featuring among other characters Julian and Sandy, played by Hugh Paddick and Kenneth Williams respectively, this clip is from Series 4, Episode 16, the sketch is the final one from the very last episode ever made of this show. It's quite amusing as Hugh Paddick attempts to stifle a potential fit of the giggles while attempting to say his lines, Kenneth Williams add libs their way out of it brilliantly.


I uploaded it to You Tube this afternoon and placed the clip here to see if there were any fans on WW.



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Well first I saw a barge, then a train, then an airship and a bad impersonation of Del Shannon :unsure: :unsure:

Sorry Wolfie, something gone wrong with the link, I shall attempt to correct it!. :oops:


For some reason the live on page play link is not working however if you click on the link I have provided it will take you to the video on Youtube.


Corrected 17/06/2012



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It is there algy, you just have to keep flicking through them till you get it.

I think I have realised what I have done Cleo, I had uploaded the clip to Youtube, "My Channel" and displayed the link from there and as the video is not available for public viewing yet that resulted in all my videos being displayed. :oops:

(I seem to be displaying the 'oops' smiley quite a lot lately.) :oops:

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Repeats of Round the Horne can be heard on BBC Radio 4 Extra, as well as other classics. All good stuff. :wink: :wink: :wink:

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