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3. Local Occupations & Occasions


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Many of these photograph’s may be available

from the Warrington Museum/Library and will

be of far superior quality to those viewed here.

Anyone having any issue with the displaying

of these photographs due to copyright or

ownership infringement please contact me either by PM.

or through the Moderators and I shall

remove them immediately.


Warrington's town crier.



Is this young chap sat on the gas lamp base in Warrington's market square looking for work or picking a winner!.



A Warrington Blacksmith/Farrier making a shoe for a cart horse. In 1895 there were a total of 28 Blacksmiths in the Warrington area, most capable of shoeing horses.



Warrington Fire Brigade at the Queen Street Fire Station.



Fletcher Russell's Blacksmiths shop.



Warrington's milk delivered by horse and trap, no bottled milk here then!.



Warrington's first petrol station at Howley.



Warrington's last Lamplighter outside St Clement's Mission on Lower Bank Street.



1890's Mr Boothroyd entertains with his barrel organ.



A Warrington paper shop and the sign between door and window reads 'Post Office' , probably Burges's, the 'LLoyds News' sign advertising Lord Landsdowne's Impeachment dates the photo as 1899.


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That town crier looks like a character out of a fairy tale - a gnome possibly. His bell looks almost as big as him. He doesn't look strong enough to ring it.



When I was a kid we used to feed stale bread and crusts to our milkman's horse too. They must have been the best fed horses in Warrington because other people would feed them too. Loved how it used to take food out of your hand but was a bit wary of those big teeth. :lol:

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