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Remember the blunder a while ago, where the UKBA wern't even checking UK enterants properly? Clearly short staffed. But instead of getting the required number of staff, seems the powers that be have just got the few they've got to start checking properly - result, massive queues at Heathrow. Is this what they call efficiency saving?! :wink:

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Not really Baz, I have a shrewed suspicion, that they'll be transfering staff to Heathrow from Regional Airports like Manchester, especially for the Olympics. They got rid of 1,900 UKBA staff, and plan another 4,000 plus redundancies as part of their austerity cuts; problem with cuts, once you start, there's quite a lot of blood to deal with! :wink:

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UK airports should have an entry portal for UK passport holders only, and let passengers of other Nations queue like UK passport holders have to do going in to their home countries.


It's an absolute nightmare getting into the USA. It's USA citizens first, the rest don't count !!

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