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The Bachelor Prince


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At 27 years old who can blame him. He's still young and seems a bit of a party animal and with all that money why on earth would he want a wife and have to settle down and behave :wink:


I refrained from mentioning that he has curly ginger hair, a pale complexion and rosy red cheeks ........


.... I'm kidding before any gingernuts have a go at me B)

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Nowt wrong with window shopping Cleo...... :D:wink:


You should have been in the local DIY shop today when we were there. I got a right telling off when we got to the car (although my other half was laughing when he said it) OMG was I that obvious :oops:<_<:lol:

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Well that is not as bad as when we were walking by the Nile one day last summer and some boys were swimming in the Nile. They got out just as we were reaching the spot they got out and one of them, let's just say he was very well endowed.

Stupidly I asked, "OMG! Did you see him!?"

"Yes I did," was the curt reply, followed by, "don't look at them!" :blink::oops::blink:

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Who cares and so what 'at the end of the day' .. :lol:


I wish young Harry all the best and if he never actually gets married then so what but at least he can sleep soundly with the knowledge that he wont have a wife who could fleece him for half his wealth and possessions for now :wink: (only kidding)


Like already he's still very young and has all the time in the world to find and get hitchhed to the right lady and lets face it he will hardly be left on the shelf will he considering his family, backgroung, lifestyle and wealth :wink:

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