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Benefit Fraud


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:blink: I was sure thers was a topic on benefits but I can't find it and cannot be bothered looking further so I will just drop this here. I feel, if you are not already aware of it, you would like to know where a vast amount of your money went, illegally.


One woman in Manchester falsely claimed 42,000 pounds after inventing 6 kids she doesn't have and claiming that she and 2 real kids are disabled.

This is the second time she has been caught making false claims. Her first claim netted her 27,000 pounds. Was she imprisoned? No. She received a 6 months prison sentence suspended for 18 months and ordered to pay back the money.

A nigerian living in Essex has been jailed for 6 years for stealing the identies of soldiers and nurses to open 752 bank accounts in a 1.3 million pounds benefit swindle had it succeeded. Has it stands the swindle netted 665.000 pounde

How are they allowed to do it? Do they not have benefits inspectors who go out and check on benefit claimants? :unsure:

And genuine claimants are being penalised. :angry:

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I personally think that EVERY benefits cheat should be sat in a room with 20 soldiers who are just back from mixing it with the talibanies....because their taxes have been going to fund these cheats whilst they have been risking their lives.


...and as for the foreigners; I would throw them out along with EVERY member of their families and sell all their possesions to pay back the money they have stolen

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