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Is this really any of his employer's business

Nick Tessla

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You could be right. :blink: I must control myself! Almost got caught looking at pictures of naked people while looking for the said picture when Hamed walked into the room. Managed to closed the damned site before he reached the pc. Phew! <_<:lol:

Take some explaining away. Eh! :wink::D :grin:

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Gosh what are you two like :lol:


Good job you have quick reactions Cleo and that you heard your hubby approaching.


Me... well my stealth like son walked past when I was looking at the very same site last night and I had some explaining to do. He said 'Mum what the bloody hell are you doing now'.


I just replied "I'm booking our family holiday son and grandad grumps and granny L are coming too" ...... the look of horror on his face was priceless :lol::lol::lol:


I did own up though (well sort of) and said I was looking cos someone had posted a link on here and as a mod I had to check it out ... (lies I know) but I got away with it.


He said the chap isn't on the beach group photo though and I asked if he was sure and he flatly refused to look again as he had seen enough and it was absolutely gross. :lol::oops:


Bet he would have looked again if they had all been attractive young women though :wink:

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