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More Foreign errm..... 'Crap'


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Surely yes. It's a culture thing. Some foreign students do not realise they are supposed to sit on the toilet and chances are they have never even seen one before. Students from eastern countries where they mainly squat over a porcelain 'hole in the ground'. Same countries do not use paper but wash with water and some countries wash then dry with paper and the paper is then deposited in a bin next to the toilet because the sewage systems cannot cope with paper being flushed down the toilet. As for used tampons etc being left on the floor - well that is just down to filthy females. :unsure:


Before anyone thinks of asking - no we don't squat we have a modern western type wc, with bidet, and bathroom. :wink:

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(Were gonna' get shouted at - again!)

When she who must be obeyed, aka Dizzy, gets here. :lol:



Flippin' heck I'm not that bad am I :unsure: I was really giggling at all the comments until I read those, I shall now go and crawl back under my troll bridge or back into my fire pit as it's a bit chilly :cry::P:lol:

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