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I'll have an "R" , Bob and an" I "and a "P"

Nick Tessla

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I would be more offended with millibrain getting the details about Bob Holness wrong than anything Diane Abbot has said...


Holness was an icon and an institution; Abbot is a dirty low-life politician.....the two are poles apart

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Seems Millipede, after b*l*king Diane Abbot on her tweets, got it wrong with his tweet about Bob Holeness - he put "Blackbusters" instead of Blockbusters! Now that's what you call a Freudian slip - perhaps an apology is required Ed?! :wink:



If putting 'black' instead of 'block' is a Freudian slip, what sort of slip is putting 'Hole' instead of 'Hol'?

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