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Coal Seam Fracking


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The bible asks, what do we gain?

To win the world, yet lose our soul.

Similar questions must be asked,

On the subjects of oil, gas and coal.



How can our Mother Earth sustain us,

Once her resources are all gone?

When will the men that claim to rule us,

See what they are doing wrong?



How can the common man and woman,

See the folly of their course?

While those that have the power to stop it,

Continue on, with scarce a thought.



They mine with high explosive modules

And chemicals, untested yet,

To lead us to a dubious future

The human race may well regret.



Already earthquakes rattle Britain

More than they ever did before.

Is this the price of constant mining?

Are we weakening the planet’s core?



How can we extract gas out of coal seams?

Using chemicals, that, for all we know

Could contaminate the very planet,

And the water tables down below.



It’s true that Coal and Gas and Oil

Bring warmth and comfort to us all,

But what use is that warmth and comfort,

If we don’t have the wherewithal …



To know that things like Coal seam fracking

Could spell disaster later on.

How will future generations manage,

When all the minerals are gone?



Will our future generations

Even have a planet earth,

Or will this incessant need for power,

Cost far more than it is worth?



Will the million massive fissures,

Left when oil is removed,

Or miles and miles of played out mineshafts,

Be of any future use?



Or will they weaken our substructure

And cause tectonic plates to shift,

A million years of evolution

And we haven’t even fathomed this.



Has anybody! ever questioned,

Why these minerals were there?

Could it be, because the planet needs them?

Or have we reached the point where no-one cares?



As long as there’s a big fat profit

And someone makes a tidy sum,

Who cares if they destroy the planet?

And we’re all blown to kingdom come.

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Very good, but a couple of points.


Resources change.



How will future generations manage,

When all the minerals are gone?


This would happen anyway, it's human nature. Isn't man supposed to you his brain?



Or miles and miles of played out mineshafts,

Be of any future use?


Somewhere for the people to live during the next Ice Age.



And finally, the oil/gas has no effect on the tetonic plates. Completely different levels.


BUT still food for thought. :wink:

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