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Where was this bridge?


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Bridge Foot. It's the old warrington bridge.


Or maybe not, on second thoughts.


It could be Kinsway Bridge with the towpath for the horses pulling the barges. :wink:

Not the old Warrington Bridge - too narrow, the old bridge spanned the Mersey.

Nor Kingsway - same reason.

Correct regarding the towpath and your in the correct locality!.

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That is the old bridge over the Black Bear Canal. New bridge is there now for Knutsford road and the Canal has been filled in.


Walk the dog down there. :P


I hope I am right after making such a bold answer. :P

Spot on! Wireboy. sorry but I must have been replying while you had given the answer, by the way your reply about the Boars head being up Town hill behind the looking glass is also correct, my only problem is I had to look up the Looking Glass as I didn't know where that was!. :blink:

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:lol::P Aww thanks Cleo that was really nice of you. Did you take any good pics :D


I was pondering and nearly attemped earlier as thought I knew it was but then I noticed Agly had said you were in the right locality so my guess was way off... and then I realised my own stupidity anyway as my guess was going to be the London Bridge 'bridge' with Thorn Marine in the background. Tow path on the wrong side :oops: But wirewire had it anyway.


Good job I didn't post it as I would have looked like a right muppet again :wink:

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