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Harrogate Railway away


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Their goal was not from outside the box, the initial shot was well saved, they scored on the follow up from close range, full details to come

The tap in goal came as a result of the shot from outside the box - apologies for not being 110 per cent accurate! :rolleyes:

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Just asking, did our fans wind up their goalkeeper? He was a right idiot last time we played them. Or did anyone put one or two bad tackles in on him? He does my head in...


Just checking.


Thinking about it, the guy deserves a £25,000 fine and 3 match suspension.

Rooney was Banned for 3 games for saying something that the fat HRA keeper also said (¨**** off!")

Adebayor ran the length of the pitch to celebrate infront of Arsenal fans (Rightly so...) and was fined.

...And if the FA have any decency, Cheating Rat-Face will be fined and banned for lide for swearing racistly at Mr. Evra and Balotelli should be suspended or put in a cage or something for looking like he was about to headbutt the Council House/'United' Stadiums away fans (who outnumbered the home fans) one-by-one.


But do fat goalkeepers who swear at home fans who could be children not deserve big fines and stuff? If the FA was consistant, Mr Fat HRA Keeper who I don't respect enough to remember the name of should be fined a few grand, suspended and possibly locked in a cage.


We have a perfect reason to complain to whoever we can about this, disgraceful behaviour...


Sorry, I'm Bored and forgot to rant about it at the time

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