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errrm... can't think of a title


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Any suggestions for a title for this topic based on the news story below ?




...ps not what the main report is about but there is a mention, so why do bats need bridges to cross new roads, do they walk everywhere these days ?


I suspect there will only be a teeny weeny number of replies to this post :?

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Hey Dizzy, maybe it wa a typo' and the report should have been about boats. I reckon they might have a greater need for bridges and aquaducts than bats.


However, going back to bats, has anyone else noticed a reduction in bat numbers this past Summer? My garden is usually alive with bats during the Summer evenings but the most I have seen on any evening this Summer has been 4 or 5. Are the numbers dwindling or maybe they have just found a better playground to hunt in.

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If it just the letters they object too they could always put a picture of lavatory on the signs.


As for bat bridges why not they have hedgehog underpasses.


But if they do insist off their signs should we not insist that any road signs that a welsh contractor uses not have any welsh words on it. seen a few at various roadworks around the area. :blink:


Title WC signs panned by welsh speakers

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WC or Toilet in Welsh

Toilet - toiled.

Thunder Box - Thunder blwch.

The bog - y gors

Oh! be joyful - oh! fod yn llawen

Little boy's room - ystafell bachgen bach

Little girl's room - ystafell ferch fach

I suggest you find

a welsh person to

translate this :wink: - ty cachu.








ty cachu.

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