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Wingsuit anyone


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Would you jump out of a helicopter 6,000 above a mountain wearing a wingsuit and try this? I'ts ok he did have a parachute too that he used after going through the 'hole' in the mountain. Guess he may not have needed that though if he'd misjudged it OUCH :shock::lol:



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Don’t know what you’re on about Dizz but suspect you don’t believe me. :?


The only scary part of that jump was half way down finding a bone in my vegetable curry and the worst part was leaving the bloody fork at the top. :P


Someone said later I should have used chopsticks. Now how silly’s that :roll:


Bill :)

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Dizzy, you ask would I jump out of a helicopter at 6000ft? Absolutely, definitely, positively NO. I would never go any where near one of those contraptions.


It is a well known fact that helicopters are not capeable of flight the only reason they remain aloft is that they are so ugly and noisy that the earth naturally repels them.


I once had the delightful experience of enjoying a very nice lunch in the garden at the Fox & Barrel on the A49. Some crazy fool had the notion to bring his helicopter down in the adjacent field. During the process all manner of twigs, grass, vegetation and probably small rodents were launched into the air by the effect of the rotors, most of which landed in what had previously been a very enjoyable dish.

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