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Any idea what this Fish is ?


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I know what this is.... it's a Dog Fish and not a baby shark like my other two tried to con me into thinking




But has anyone idea what sort of fish this is? It was about a foot long if that helps






Both were on a beach near Pwllheli and suggestions so far for the second one have been a Sun Fish, a Wrass, and a Sea Bream but it doesn't look like any of those when I googled.


Yep it's now bugging me... as usual.. and I need to know :lol:

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Thanks everyone (apart from you Cleopatra and Lt K :P:lol: )


Bill looks to be right with his 'Trigger Fish' now I've had a look :D


That leads me to a worrying question though... if these Trigger Fish come up the Gulf Stream what else is also following them to our warmer shores EEK.


Whilst looking for the fish I was told that there have been sightings of Great Whites and Killer Whales in Wales, I didn't believe it until I googled and it seems there have been EEK !!!


Killer Whale at Criccieth 2010 :unsure:




Porbeagle Shark filmed in shallow water Pembrokeshire




Possible Great White (or so the bloke says) Pembrokeshire



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Well unusual fish on the Welsh Shores... sharks too where they aren't expected and now we are about be be hit by the tale end of the tropical storm 'Katia' on Monday and parts of the UK are in for a battering including Wales.


Something's definately going a bit odd don't you think :unsure:

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