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A poem

harry hayes

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This is more for a winters evening than high summer, but hey ho, here we go.




Our memory can be quite selective,

When we travel memory lane;

Rinbows, chasing butterflies,

Forgetting the mundane.


Schooldays were not quite the happiest,

The 'three R's' taxed your brain;

Nitty Nora; examinations,

To go through those again?


Washing day, a nightmare,

Hand me downs while it dried;

Make do and mend an anthem,

Only warmth, the fire-side.


Materially we were bankrupt,

In the abstract, rich indeed;

Love, plus hope and innocence,

Were sufficient for our need.


The side we choose to remember,

Sunshine wall to wall;

The roadway was your play-ground,

Green fields at beck and call.


Father read you stories,

Songs on mother's knee;

Neighbours there in time of need,

Rich as rich could be.


There is a longing in all our hearts,

For things which can no longer be;

So here's a toast to memory lane,

A paradise - for you alone to see.



HH 8/2011

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Lovely Harry and that brought a few tears to my eyes but also a happy and thankful smile.


A toast indeed to the memory lane and although many cannot be re-lived in exactly the same way or with the same people.... may we have many more of the same and hope that one day 'ours' and 'theirs' look back and say the same about their times and maybe with us eh :wink:

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Nitty Nora too! lol. Always got a clean bill of health from her but felt sorry for one girl in our class. She once went home with a card. Next couple of days she was missing from school and when she appeared the next day her hair had been cut, short back and sides, like a boy. The embarrassment she must have suffered as everyone knew why.

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