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Copycat rioting Warrington!


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Good job you did put it on as at least people were aware and on guard incase anything did happen which lets face it could have.


It put my mind at rest that nothing was going on last night as if it had been we'd all have know straight away via the forum or news page. Far more trustworthy than FB tittle tattle and false tales from the sillies on there. :roll:


Thanks :D

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That's good to hear as they did say Police presence would be very noticable around Warrington. Alban Retail park would be a prime target if any idiots did decide to have a go tonight because of they type of shops there and where it is.


PS by 'where it is' I mean it because it is very 'open' before anyone from over that way jumps down my throat and calls me a south snob or similar. :wink:

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