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Town on the telly


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How good was that :D Where were they playing?


... but it's a shame you didn't tell us all so we could have gone and watched. Ahh that's why you didn't tell us eh :wink:


Brace yourself for a Clarky moment though (unless he has his speakers off)... only kidding Clarky :wink::P

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Now we are even brainwashing the players into getting their colours mixed up. :angry:





...Anyway, I bet anyone a fiver that Evans was the best footy player for the Wolves.


(I've seen him play at couple of times at the astro-turf at Sankey. He's immense.)


(Gonna edit this post when I've actually watched the video. Watch this space!)


Just watched the video. Nope, nothing to get annoyed over. Ah well. :angry:

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Great to hear, just a word of warning about the track - if you do too much fast work too soon the players may end up with shin splints. Mine too a month or so to ease off but I believe that I ended up with stronger shins as a result of the extra calcium deposits. I'm sure that if you went and had a word with one of the running coaches they might be able to suggest some routines. But the stuff at the Uni on the video looked like a good well planned session.

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