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Good grief - I thought I was being attacked


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Did anyone else just hear or see the plane that just flew over ? (It flew over mine at approx 8.20pm)


I heard it first and the dog came racing in from outside ears back and a startled look on her face)...


It was heading towards the direction of Liverpool airport (well I presume that's where it was going as the other planes go that way).


It looked and sounded like some sort of fighter jet and I could hear it for ages.

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Yep made one heck of a racket. Not sure what it was but seemed to have plenty of ordinance hanging under it's wings.


Passed over our house about that time and almost deafened me as I had the windows open at the time. I am on the flight path for liverpool airport so get plenty off aircraft passing over.


Probably doing practice landings at the airport. the hercules was over again on saturday doing a few training runs.

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:shock: Why on earth were they using a high powered jet to spread 'smellies'?


It didn't appear to be dropping anything when it flew over here and we got the smell much ealier... I guess it must have been going back to the farm to reload :blink:

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