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Barley Mow stone wall carvings/castings


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What happened to these stone carvings/castings 'O' that had been set in the wall of the adjoining building that were centuries old and of historical interest to the town, they were obviously removed when the Golden Square complex was built, are they in safekeeping in the Museum and out of site (as many other artifacts are), are they lying in a builders yard or have they been sold on?. Does anyone remember what the figures depicted.






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No idea Agly. What were the carvings of as when I zoom in they go blurry so I can't make them out. Can you see them clearer on your origs?


Seems from your two pictures that the building on the left is 'new' and looks to have probably completely rebuilt at the time of the Golden Square development, what a shame they didn't incorporate the carvings in the outer walls. Maybe they have been put inside?


I seem to remember one of Aety69's wonderful old photos showing only the Barley Mow being retained but alas they aren't on here anymore :oops: .... maybe Arty knows more.


All slightly irrelevant though if they have 'gone' elsewhere as no chance of getting them back... sad really as I always think that when lovely old buildings full of character are demolished and replaced at least a little part of the old should be incorporated into the new.

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